After five years of leadership in the company, John Hwang, Co-Founder and CEO, is moving on from Mutually Human.

This departure comes at a time of great optimism and renewal, as we celebrate our five year anniversary and begin a new chapter.

Mutually Human Software owes its initial growth to the persistence, dedication and close collaboration of John Hwang, Mark Van Holstyn and Zach Dennis, who together built the company from infancy.  John’s departure is a mutual and amicable decision.  He will be exploring more options as a technology entrepreneur, while Mark Van Holstyn and Zach Dennis will lead Mutually Human into the next stage.

Mutually Human owes its current success and stability to a solid team of thinkers, coders, and strategists.  We remain committed to providing only the best service and products for our customers, just as we continue to push forward and renew ourselves with a fresh eye and an open mind.

All of us at Mutually Human wish John the best of luck in his endeavors. He will be missed.