When you go to a fast-food restaurant, you see the order boards that people look at. Cashiers take orders. Cooks prepare the food. Someone else assembles the order. The board tells everyone how long a customer has been waiting and starts to blink colors as an alert when a customer is waiting too long. This system helps management know what needs to happen next to achieve the ultimate goal of delivering the final order to the customer. This is what a custom software solution looks like in real life. Many businesses have some version of this, but many are using off-the-shelf software products to try and manage unique and complex processes, like those of a fast-food chain.

Your business is unique and so are the needs of your customers. Each set of tasks you have for a given client is specific and complex. You’ve felt the pain of using off the shelf software tools up until now. Maybe you’ve been able to work around their holes and fill in the gaps, but you know there has to be a better way to handle complex issues and unique processes than what your current tool can support.

Just like a fast-food restaurant, you don’t need just any tool. You need something designed specifically for your needs that can keep your team on track and keep your customers happy too.

Maybe it’s time to consider a custom software solution.

A Complex Business Needs a Custom Software Solution

When a business process is complex, and particularly if it requires the coordination of many people, it’s pretty easy to lose track of where something is.

When you started out in your business, you were only dealing with a few orders, customers, or accounts. That’s fairly manageable with a simple tool or already created software solution.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Create a Custom Solution?

When your organization is small and only has a few team members, managing with a simple tool is pretty easy. It is when growth happens and more complex customer orders, products or processes come into play that you’ll want to start considering a custom software solution.

Some signs might be:

– The set of tasks you need to do for each customer is complex.
– You have a dozen or more tasks to complete in a specific order for each sale you make.
– Some subset of customers needs special handling on a specific step.
– You see cases where something has been missed along the way.

This is not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of the things that might point towards a different solution for your business’s complex issues, but if you recognize your organization facing challenges like these, there’s probably a better way.

How Can This Help My Complex Business Issues?

It can ensure no step is forgotten.
No matter the complexity of each step and the unique ways in which they are ordered for different customers, a custom software solution can help you get it right every time because it was designed with your business in mind!

It can recognize customers with unique needs and provide a different workflow to handle them.
No more creating new workflows every time, editing them for hours to create the perfect one for a client, or missing steps because of the workflow wasn’t created consistently. A custom software solution can solve this problem and more for your team.

The work to be done can be shared by many team members.
One of the main problems we’ve seen when it comes to complex business issues is the exchange of information between so many hands without a consistent place where everyone can collaborate. A custom software solution can be built to facilitate seamless collaboration amongst team members.

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