Apple announced two new iPhone models last week, and I’ve been struggling to decide which one I would prefer to carry around with me for the next two years. The iPhone 6 Plus is appealing to me for the increased battery life, additional content area (which allows for iPad style landscape views), and optical image stabilization on the camera, but do those benefits outweigh the increased size and weight of the iPhone 6 Plus? My iPhone is probably the most used gadget I own, and it is with me nearly 100% of the time.

To help me decide, I 3D printed models of both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus at GR Makers and carried them around with me for the last few days. In the end I decided the smaller form factor of the iPhone 6, along with it being easier to use one handed, was the more important factor for me.

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What about you? Would you prefer the benefits of the iPhone 6 Plus or the smaller form factor of the iPhone 6? Want to try this out for yourself? Feel free to stop by GR Makers to play around with models yourself, or 3D print something else you’ve been thinking about.

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