We all know that 20-20 means perfect vision. Seeing clearly, planning and executing each step with perfect clarity. It helps them accomplish their goals. They see the obstacles ahead of them and are able to adjust things accordingly in order to avoid, or even, tackle them.

In the same way, the year 2020 deserves a clear vision for your organization. Planning for your year’s goals should include a plan for where you’re headed, the ability to clearly execute your processes, changes, and steps, and to work around obstacles.

When setting up your 2020 plan, custom software may be something you want to consider to better execute your plan for the new year and reach new goals. 

Does My Organization Really Need Custom Software?

You may be wondering if you even need custom software. The reality is that not every organization is going to fit with custom software. It’s is an investment, and not every business is ready to take that step. It is a long-term goal that requires patience and careful implementation. 

But, the benefits of custom software are massive as well. When determining if custom software should be a part of your 2020 plan, it’s important to count the cost and potential benefits. Your first step should be to figure out what your ROI would be if you got custom software. In order to do that, you will need to determine the value the software will likely provide as well as the cost of building your custom software. 

Determining Potential Value

When you’re figuring out the ROI, you need to know whether the software will help you to generate money or save money. This will help you determine the revenue that you will receive from using the software, as well as the approximate length of time it will take to get there. 

If you can foresee a financial benefit to using a custom solution like this, it’s probably a good idea to invest. If you need to make changes to your processes, want to grow your business, need to integrate tools with one another, want to increase your employees’ efficiency, or want to improve customer communication, then custom software is likely exactly what you need for 2020.

You also want to realize that custom software helps best with long-term needs and goals. It helps to propel you down the path to meet your goals, ensuring that you have what you need for the journey. 

How Much Will Custom Software Cost?

This is a natural question and one that we get a lot! There’s no one answer, just like asking how much a house will cost to build varies by a lot as well. 

Small projects can cost as little as $50,000 and take only a few months, while others can take a couple of years and millions of dollars. It really depends on what you’re looking for in your software, how you want it to function and the number of features you need, just to name a few things. 

Either way though, there’s no denying that custom software is a big investment. It can be daunting to understand how much will be required, and how to get the most from your available budget. It’s important to determine the proper level of investment for a successful initial release and make smart trade-offs to get the most value from your available budget. 

How We Can Help

At Mutually Human, we want to help you find the best custom software solution to help your business thrive, not just the most expensive option. 

We manage budgets with flexibility in mind, but being flexible doesn’t mean out-of-control spending. We don’t just work on a time and materials basis, but focus on your available budget and manage scope along the way to best meet your goals within your means. 

To chat more about your custom software plan for 2020, contact us! We have a custom plan just for you and your 2020 vision!

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