If you’re looking for a community-oriented, agile development shop that focuses strictly on web and mobile applications, we’d love to talk to you at Mutually Human. We’re looking for an exceptionally bright and talented web developer to join our team in Grand Rapids, MI.

Job Summary, Expectations

You’d be responsible for developing Ruby on Rails applications for a variety of clients while working directly with clients to manage requirements. Additionally, you’d be expected to have:

  • Expertise in:

    • HTML5
    • JavaScript and a JS framework likes jQuery, Prototype, Dojo, MooTools, etc.
    • CSS3
    • Ruby
    • Ruby on Rails
  • Proficiency with frameworks and tools like:

    • Compass / SASS
    • Git
    • Unix environment and tool-chain
    • Regular expressions
  • Experience and opinions about TDD and BDD, including the following tools:

    • Cucumber (including ability to write stories, features, and scenarios)
    • RSpec, test/unit, jasmine, etc.
    • Capybara or Webrat
    • WebDriver, Watir, or similar
    • Mocks, stubs
  • Familiarity with development concepts:

    • DRY, Single Responsibility, Separation of Concerns
    • Clean code
    • OOP, Functional programming

There are two other things we’re looking for you to be: opinionated and humble. Even if your opinion doesn’t match ours, we expect you to be able articulate your thoughts and opinions in a healthy and respectful manner. And your work will be reviewed by your peers and you will review work of others. If you can’t take healthy, honest, constructive criticism or provide it then this will not be a good fit.

Why join us?

Work with some of best and brightest. Over the past few years, we’ve slowly grown our team carefully by hand picking some of the best. At MHS you’ll have the opportunity to work with other highly intelligent, opinionated humans.

Full-stack, integrated, balanced team. We’re not just developers. We’re a community of brilliant developers, designers, and strategists who work together to do extraordinary work in taking a product vision from idea to conception.

Sustainable pace, work/life balance. We believe in a healthy work life balance and promote a sustainable pace. We discourage over-time, and identify the need to work extra as a symptom of something else, and then we tackle that something else, whether it’s something we need to learn, adapt, or stop doing.

Practical pair programming. We pair, but not dogmatically. There will be times when you’ll be pairing heavily with another member and other times when you’ll be able to work independently. For more information on our views on pair programming, check out: Practical Pairing

Community-oriented. We’re a progressive development shop, even by agile standards. We believe in the value of community and the necessity to support, encourage, and grow the individuals that make up our community. Some ways in which we do that are through weekly company-wide retrospectives, conferences, hack-a-thons, movie days, keeping a well-stocked kitchen with food and snacks, birthday celebrations, and doing things outside of MH such as hosting/participating/sponsoring local user groups, conferences, and the like.

Continuous learning. We believe strongly in continuous learning. Our team is comprised of individuals who have a passion for learning and growing and we’re looking to add someone who shares that same thirst. As a company we try to be as supportive as possible in these learning endeavors through conferences, supplying books and other materials, screencasts, and routinely hosting company sponsored hack-a-thons.

Learning organization. We’re always looking to innovate, improve, and adapt, not just individually, but as a company. We’re always coming up with new ideas and then we actually do them. Our ability to become better as an organization isn’t relegated to to one or two people, it’s open to the entire team.

Trust. We don’t have much of a management hierarchy, it’s more of a role oriented company. We hire people we can trust and we let them do their job. We lean on each other, utilize each others experiences and strengths for the betterment of our community and service offerings we provide our clients.

Value-driven. While there is value in many processes, practices, and opinions, we are not interested in the dogma or ego that commonly surround them. We are interested in providing uniquely exceptional value to our clients. If a process, practice, or opinion isn’t doing that as well as we think it can, we’re completely open to adapting, trying something new, or stopping it altogether. We prefer to remove muda.


If you don’t happen to be in the greater Grand Rapids area that’s okay. At this point, we’re simply looking for the right fit. But if you’re headstrong against moving ever then there’s no need to apply (unless you can convince us otherwise 🙂 ). Our long-term goal is to have our team located and working in the same space. There’s something about face to face collaboration, discussion, and community that spurs the level of innovation, work, and growth that is hard to come by through a purely distributed team.

If things work out, we would like to identify long-term plans to move you to the greater Grand Rapids area. In which case we can talk further about possible relocation options or assistance.

Contacting Us

Please don’t blast us solely with your resume. You can send it, but we’d prefer to have a conversation with you, see your github profile, and hear about your life and trials as a developer. Send any information you feel is relevant to us at jobs@mutuallyhuman.com

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