Deciding to take your training or coaching business to the next level – in many different ways – is both an important and scary step. Whether it’s deciding to expand to larger office space, hiring more employees or even adapting your business model, creating the capacity for growth is exciting and challenging at the same time. Deciding on creating a custom software solution is one of the many things that can also fall into this category.

Considering custom software – especially for a training, coaching or knowledge share business is a big decision. There’s a lot of great commercial pieces of software you can use after all. But, how do you know if it’s time or even the right fit for your offering?

Questions to Ask First:


What is it that makes my training or coaching business different?

When it comes to the training, coaching or knowledge that you’re sharing with clients and customers, what makes your offering different than others out there? If it’s just the content that you’re producing and sharing, you can more than likely use an existing platform. Some great pieces of commercial software like this are:

These platforms allow you to share your offering easily and get in front of a large audience. The training courses available via these platforms allow you to present content in words, videos, and projects too.

But, the answer we’re really after is if your business is differentiated by more than just the content that you share.

Many training businesses are differentiated along many other dimensions that aren’t easily supported by commercial software. The use of proprietary methods and materials is common in many training businesses and that’s why they turn to custom software.

Become Unmistakable helps clients build uMaps and understand how to use them in building a more effective organization. Tony Robbins includes live events and private coaching. Scott Kelby incorporates learning tracks, a vibrant community, and access to magazines. These are all big differentiators because the content itself is not the only thing that stands out from other businesses and training programs like it.

Are we taking other types of content and trying to create digital resources?

Another common thread in training, consulting, or coaching businesses that need a custom software solution are those that started with books or similar content that has now become a digital business. For example, Donald Miller wrote “Building a Story Brand” and now operates a highly successful business that trains people in the methodology with the help of custom digital tools (e.g. creating a brand story).

Similarly, David Allen wrote “Getting Things Done” and turned that into a company that includes a network of coaches you can be matched up with to help spread his methodology.

Their content started in print form but has grown into so much more. They needed a way to take their incredibly unique expertise and methods and create a training tool from it. This can really only be done with the help of a custom software solution.

So, should I invest in custom software for my coaching business?

Only you know how unique your training business is. But one thing is certain, in order for its impact to reach a huge scale, it needs to stand out and evolve to fit more complex situations. This almost always ends up needing custom apps and systems to support that growth.

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