I’m a really big fan of Evernote. It lets me loosely organize things I find important without much hassle. Not only does it support basic text notes, but it also supports PDFs, videos, images, HTML and more.

In addition to storing all of the content I find useful it lets me categorize them with notebooks or with tags. It also has a extremely nice searching feature. And if that weren’t enough it lets you sync all of your notes to Evernote online which then also syncs to your iphones, ipads, Windows machines, and beyond. I find it pretty incredible for most of my needs. There’s one area however where it’s pretty lacking—text editing.

As a software developer I spend 95% of my time in a text editor. My editor of choice is TextMate. Every time I am in Evernote I want to use my TextMate keyboard sequences, macros, commands and the like, but I can’t. It is frustrating to say the least.

Evernote is for general purpose note-taking though so I don’t necessarily think Evernote needs to support TextMate’s bindings.

Here’s a short screencast on setting up our Evernote Clipper for TextMate:



You can find it on github a part of our MHS tidbits project: http://github.com/mhs/tidbits/raw/master/textmate/evernote-clipper.rb

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