Today, we want to recognize and celebrate the newest member of the Mutually Human family — Jenna Elamin-Mueller! Jenna is an amazing developer. We’re so excited to have her as a part of our team!

Prior to joining Mutually Human, Jenna’s worked for Pillar Technology, primarily on mobile development teams. She also helped implement an automated internal code review distribution system that uses the Trello and Slack API.

Beyond doing mobile development, Jenna has also helped to build web applications using Ruby, Rails, Postgres, Ember, and more. She has already put those skills to use on behalf of our clients. She is a well-rounded practitioner who is always finding new ways to level up her craft.

In her free time, she enjoys shouting at anime, sending people crashing into walls in roller derby, pretending she has time to play video games, bonding with her Kindle, and tormenting her husband and puppers with silly improvised songs. She’s also a big fan of Taco Bell and the kpop group VIXX.

Welcome to the team, Jenna – we’re glad you’re here!