We are so excited to welcome another member to the Mutually Human Family – Monica McJunkin! Read on to learn a little more about Monica and the unique skills she brings to the software development table!

Monica fell in love with software by starting out on an Apple II series computer in 1982, thanks to a forward-looking high school teacher. She minored in computer science, since she found solving problems with software more interesting than the software tools themselves, and graduated with a B.S. in Economics from Ohio State. By 1987, she was writing mainframe operating system software (MVS) for IBM.

After taking a detour to earn an MLS and becoming an academic librarian she just couldn’t keep her fingers out of the computers. She joined the college IT department and never looked back.

Monica has had a vast array of opportunities including: software developer (both mainframe and Java), business analyst, product manager, iteration manager, data analyst, and product manager. Her most recent accomplishment includes a Certificate in Data Analytics from Ohio State’s College of Engineering. She is an extremely well rounded team member and person.

Monica is happiest when she’s surrounded by smart, passionate, colorful colleagues – which is a big reason why she loves working in the software industry – the people!

When she’s not working, Monica enjoys reading non-fiction on a variety of topics, traveling to new places, working out, singing in her church choir, playing bass, and baking.