Ross is our newest software craftsman and a bit of a polymath; his life took some varied and interesting turns before he came to us. Like many programmers, he dabbled a bit by building websites in high school. As he got older, Ross held on to these skills, even after going to college and starting a career as a chemist. Eventually, he realized he was happier in the field of business and technology, and quit his job to follow that path. He gained some experience working for small businesses, and eventually launched his own successful e-commerce company at the age of 23. Refining his talents even more, Ross concluded that he was happier building the site than running the business, sold his company at a profit, and invested seriously in the craft of programming by attending GVSU with a concentration in Information Systems. After two more years freelancing and almost two years at another web development firm, Ross now has a great foundation of knowledge in Java, C#, PHP, and Ruby.

Ross’ irrepressible curiosity, adaptive mind, and passion for the higher possibilities of technology make him a perfect fit for Mutually Human. He is, in many ways, self-taught. His history of running a successful online company and working in a variety of fields gives him a unique edge and a broader perspective on software. He is always motivated to go beyond basic requirements, as evidenced by his substantial involvement in local technology groups, such as GRWebDev, GRGiveCamp, BarCamp, and the West Michigan Ruby User Group.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing and listening to music, frequenting the local watering holes, and hanging out with his wife Mary and their two cats. He can be found on Twitter at @Ross_Hunter or at

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