Mutually Human would like to welcome Samuel Bowles to the team as our new UX Design lead!

Samuel comes to us after having previously worked at Atomic Object. He is also fresh out of Momentum MI as a UX designer and strategist for Booker.

Samuel has been working on the web since 1996 (known as ancient times) when businesses first discovered they could promote themselves and share information online. His particular practice has evolved with the changing terms and realities of the Internet. As commerce and customer interaction grew increasingly digital, and the web grew increasingly sophisticated, user-oriented thinking became an essential practice in software development.

Over the years, technology has become vastly more interactive. Information architecture, user testing, design and interface have each become unique, complex disciplines. In that time, UX emerged as an umbrella term to manage them all. That means that a UX Designer like Samuel must have a critical knowledge of many moving parts. He must be able to implement and understand the importance of data, market strategy, graphic design, and so forth.

His work is essentially to understand the customer’s problem, build empathy for them, and design a friendly, intuitive experience through research and testing. Lucky for us, Samuel Bowles is a pro. We could not ask for a more experienced UX lead to help us create beautiful, clean software.

Samuel is excited about our open, supportive company culture and our commitment to collective and individual excellence. He is passionate about building great software and will be a tremendous asset to the team.

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