Batman VS Superman

The Michigan Film and Digital Office partnered with Mutually Human to create an app that would give Michigan residents and tourists a deeper dive into the behind-the-scenes world of the blockbuster “Batman vs. Superman” which was filmed in Detroit Michigan. Using footage and information from Warner Bros., Mutually Human was able to create an immersive app experience for over 8,000 users.

Business Needs

When it was announced that the hotly-anticipated movie “Batman vs. Superman” would be filming in Michigan, the Michigan Film and Digital Office (MFDO) knew it needed to capitalize on the film tourism the movie would bring to the state. To that end, they wanted to create an app that would give visitors a behind-the-scenes look at all of their favorite movie moments.

The idea was to create an app that used GPS to locate and trigger behind the scenes footage. The app needed to be ready for the film’s premiere and needed to be immersive and exciting enough that it would match the buzz surrounding the movie.


Mutually Human was incredibly excited to be chosen as the development partner for this project with the MFDO. With a human-centered approach, we focused on the business goals outlined by the MFDO and Warner Bros. 

STEP 1: Free Consultation

The first step was to sit down with the MFDO for a Free Consultation to identify their overarching goals for the app as well as figure out what we would need to bring their dreams to life.

STEP 2: Create a Custom Plan

With only one chance to get this build right, Mutually Human knew how important it was to have a solid plan going into the build. There would likely not be a second release and the whole plan hinged on having the dream app ready to go on the day the movie released. Mutually Human and the MFDO worked closely together to build a plan that included information on how content would be collected from Warner Bros. and how the app would fall in line with Warner Bros. and the MFDO’s brand standards.

STEP 3: Build Software

With a plan in place, Mutually Human designed and built the app using an iterative approach that got feedback from the MFDO and Warner Bros. teams on a regular basis. Warner Bros. sent over the addresses and behind-the-scenes content that matched and the MFDO sent over additional local information about each location. The Mutually Human team used all of this content to create in-depth apps that worked on both Android and IOS operating systems.

STEP 4: Support

Even though the movie hype has died down, MH continues to support and maintain the app ensuring it is up and working for new fans.

Solution and Results

With the content supplied by Warner Bros., Mutually Human built an app that served both the film and the state. The GPS-enabled application allowed users to access behind-the-scenes footage and stills from the movie that they could compare with the actual location. With the content supplied by the MFDO, users were able to learn more local history about each location in the film.

Because of Mutually Human’s hard and dedicated work, the app was able to go live along-side the film release and was downloaded by 20,000 superhero fans visiting the state. 

Exclusive “Batman vs. Superman” content

The app allowed users to use their phone location services to match locations to exclusive behind-the-scenes videos of the actors during the filming of the movie. Users could also access preproduction information for a deeper dive into the film. 

“Batman vs. Superman” Michigan tour

Each location was included on the main map in the application. Users could open the map, tap on locations and view interesting content. They could also quickly navigate to that location. Upon arrival, users could check in at the location to unlock even more content about that location and the movie!

Throughout that experience, thee app also would show users Michigan points of interest located near the filming sites to drive more tourism dollars to local businesses. 

Enhanced user experiences

The app had multiple built-in extras to enhance the user experience. Users could win awards for in-app activity as well as sharing content from the app. The app allowed users to check-in to locations to access even more content. Users could also take selfies with built in movie filters. Want a picture next to the Batmobile? Download the app! 

Great projects start with a great conversation.

Analytics to track usage

As with all good apps, the “Batman vs. Superman” app came with analytics that the MFDO could use to track the film tourism dollars generated by the app users. The app allowed the MFDO to track the app usage as well as the economic ROI for the film. 

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