Become Unmistakable

Become Unmistakable, a start-up company, partnered with Mutually Human to take an analog tool and bring it to life as a web application by focusing on the biggest needs first. Following Mutually Human’s proven process, BU and MH have built an essential online tool for today’s forward-thinking companies.

Business Needs

Become Unmistakable (BU) is a leadership training firm specializing in helping companies create a workplace that cultivates connection and trust. BU strives to show leaders the power of a people-centric approach to management through radical applications for creating meaningful connections, onboarding new employees, supporting individual development and holding performance conversations. The BU services help customers find ways to invest in people at the deepest level in order to create a company where individuals see their path for growth, fulfillment, and success.

Become Unmistakable saw in the modern workforce a need for connection in the workplace. They had a product that was in analog form that they knew would benefit a broader audience seeking those connections. With demand increasing, BU was ready to scale their business by building a web application to help their customers create meaningful connections throughout the employee journey.

Mutually Human took a strategic view of our application and overall business. Mutually Human does a nice job of putting themselves in the shoes of the user, while still understanding there is a business need for the application. The skill of finding that balance has proven to be a very valuable asset.

Mutually Human really helped us sort out our thoughts around ideas on a consistent basis, providing clarity and the ability to make smart decisions. They provide an excellent level of service and communication throughout the entire development process. There was never a time that I felt like a question was not answered in an extremely quick and professional way.


Early in the process, Become Unmistakable and Mutually Human become strategic partners. With a human-centered approach, we focused on the business goals outlined by the BU team.

STEP 1: Free Consultation

Creating new software is a very exciting time for a company. When we first begin conversations with our clients, it is typical that they have many ideas for the software. Become Unmistakable was no different. The first step in the partnership was a Free Consultation, in which Mutually Human worked with the BU team to get many ideas captured and organized. Together, we started to uncover the key challenges, define the goals, and outline possible solutions. 

STEP 2: Create a Custom Plan

Mutually Human guided BU through the process of creating a plan for the first release of the software. During the Custom Plan, the team worked together to select the foundational and most impactful features needed to create the best first release of the uMap™ software experience. The goal for the first release was to create a plan whose scope was limited to the minimum essentials necessary to learn if BU’s product ideas would be a match for their customer’s expectations.

STEP 3: Build Software

With a plan in place, Mutually Human designed and developed the web application using an iterative approach. Each week the BU team saw the progress of the uMap™ tool, discussed the next priorities, and continued to evaluate the plan as we learned new things about the market and the people using the uMap™ software. 

STEP 4: Plan for the Future

At Mutually Human, we are very proud of the partnership we have built with the Become Unmistakable team. We’ve completed multiple phases of work and together, we continue to watch and listen to users to find out what is working and how uMap™ needs to evolve to provide even more value. 

Solution and Results

Working with Mutually Human, Become Unmistakable launched uMap™, a web application designed to create unmistakable culture, communication, and alignment within organizations. The uMap™ tool includes a robust set of features that guides companies through the purchase and set up process, the creation of a uMap™, and the flow of completing performance reviews for each employee. The uMap™ tool comes equipped with reports, administrative tools, and more.

With the launch of uMap™, Become Unmistakable has seen broad excitement and interest across all industries and size. This is just the beginning of a movement toward a people-centric, right brain approach to leading business that is taking hold one experience at a time. 

Self-service sign up

In the past, companies looking to purchase the uMap™ tool had to talk to the BU sales team. Now, companies ready to use this powerful tool can purchase the uMap™ tool online. The software walks the purchasers through an easy onboarding process to get them from purchase to up-and-running in very little time!

Create a unique uMap™

Creating a uMap™ is simple, yet very informative and inspiring. Each employee is guided through a series of questions that tap into both their professional and personal self.


The uMap™ software comes complete with features allowing managers to complete a review process using each employee’s unique uMap™. 

Gain insight through reports

When employees fill out a uMap™ there is a lot of information that could be very beneficial to their company. What training do their employees need? Who are the influencers in the organization? 

Great projects start with a great conversation.

After partnering with Mutually Human for over a year, I recommend them without hesitation. They have been able to demystify the complex world of custom software and present it in a way that allowed me to make informed business decisions. Mutually Human is attentive to my budget and schedule, which is very important for a new business launch. The Mutually Human team is full of talented, creative people, that possess the ability to be strategic. And on top of all of that, they are very fun to work with!
Rob Dwortz
Partner, Become Unmistakable
Mutually Human has been a very strategic partner helping us to develop the highest quality software. Their knowledge and guidance has helped us make decisions that will have the greatest impact on our clients. The level of interaction and communication has been nothing short of superb.
Danielle Bouwhuis
All things uMap™, Become Unmistakable