Converseon is a high-end social intelligence company, providing both software and expert consultation to support social media strategies. We helped them develop Conversation Miner, an intelligent listening tool which can be co-managed by Coverseon specialists and their clients. In tandem with Conversation Miner, we also designed and developed Converseon Reports, a web-based reporting tool enabling Converseon’s analysts to easily run and retrieve social media reports for their clients.


Converseon is a leading social intelligence agency that helps brands make the most of their communications strategies through expert analysis and in-depth listening tools like Conversation Miner. This proprietary software provides insights into social media trends, consumer behavior and other aggregated data. Converseon analysts and clients use that information to create comprehensive social media strategies and reports. This software-based data-mining, combined with human interpretation, made it imperative that Conversation Miner have an intuitive and error free user interface.

When Converseon came to Mutually Human, they were searching for a mature development firm who could ramp up quickly and work with their internal team. Converseon wanted to address usability issues with the administrative side of Conversation Miner.

Tools for the Job

Resolving functional issues in Conversation Miner and revising the interface required a series of special skills working in unison. Converseon needed Ruby experts with additional knowledge in HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. They also needed UX and Design professionals to ensure that Conversation Miner was usable by humans. Not only did Mutually Human have all these bases covered, we also helped implement a regular testing and development process to improve communication between Converseon’s internal team, Mutually Human and other project stake holders.

We were provided with a phenomenal level of support and trust when working on the project. Project constraints and direction were clear and it allowed us to explore options through research, design, and development within the scope of the project.


We had two major objectives. First, we wanted to add consistency and simplicity to the code base. Second, we wanted to create a sensible interface which made it possible to manage large and often complex data sets without confusing the system. The first objective would reduce the occurrence of errors and make it easier to transition the application back to their internal programming team. The second objective would create a better experience for Converseon analysts and allow them to give their clients a little more autonomy.


As with all growing software teams, personnel changes occurred at Converseon. These changes occurred early in the project life cycle and had the potential to slow the project down. Knowledge transfers and processes would have to be conveyed amongst new team members. These hurdles coupled with an disjointed test suite provided a compelling set of challenges for Mutually Human. Mutually Human immediately added a complete set of tests to identify the areas needing the most help. We then combed through the code and simplified much of the unnecessary complexity.

In addition, the scope of the project required a dedicated resource for UX, design and user research, an area in which Mutually Human has expertise. Most of what Conversation Miner users experienced in the administrative area of the application was implemented by developers. Mutually Human overcame this challenge by dedicating our own UX/UI designer to work with our developers and approach the problem holistically.


As a result of this partnership, Conversation Miner has a beautiful new interface with clean code and a robust test suite.


Information Architecture
Interaction Design
User Experience
Visual Design

Ruby on Rails


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March 30, 2018

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