Crowell & Morning is an international law firm with a strong antitrust practice. Dan Sasse and Deb Arbabi run the firm’s recovery department responsible for pursuing and maximizing claims on behalf of their clients. They lead a large team of attorneys, paralegals, and practice support personnel and manage multiple cases and clients at once.

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Business Needs

When the department began, they could handle the caseloads easily with Excel spreadsheets and other basic tracking tools. However, as they became more and more successful, the workload became too big for those tools to handle efficiently. They worked with a small, internal development team to create a more robust database but soon outgrew that tracking tool as well.

The team needed a custom software solution designed specifically for their needs. They needed something that would make them more efficient, increase consistency across the department, and provide insights that could help them grow their practice.

Ability to view data by case and by client

Rather than manually sort through multiple spreadsheets, the new Genie app allows users to view data by the case or by the client, significantly reducing the amount of time spent on data collection and allowing for quick, high-level views of data.

Allows for dashboard and detailed views

When analyzing data, users can choose to view an overall dashboard data presentation, giving them an easy to understand, high-level view of the status of a case or client, or a detailed data view that allows them to dive deep into the available data.

Created standardized tracking cards

Before the launch of the app, individual attorneys were allowed to collect whatever data they think they needed. The app created a standardized tracking card that requires everyone in the department to track the same information for easier, more efficient reporting.

Ability to generate reports and insights

With standardized data and the ability to filter and view that data as needed, the app allowed for the generation of better reports on the case and client outcomes. This allowed the department to see their data in new ways and garner new insights.

Ability to track case payouts

The main goal of the department is to pursue and maximize payouts for antitrust cases. The Genie app integrated directly with the distribution team allowing for easier tracking of case payouts to the firm and clients.


Step 1: Free consultation. During the initial conversations, it was quickly discovered that an off-the-shelf tracking tool wouldn’t be enough to support the unique processes designed by the department. Together, we started to uncover the key challenges, define the goals, and outline possible solutions.

Step 2: Create a custom plan. Through a series of workshops, Mutually Human and the claims recovery team identified and documented the workflow needed to support the claims recovery process. Mutually Human conducted multiple interviews to uncover the pain points and needs of each role using the system. Mutually Human created multiple designs in order to present possibilities and learn what the most impactful functionality would be for the new system.

Step 3: Build software. Mutually Human designed and developed the new desktop application, named Genie, using an iterative approach. Each week, Mutually Human presented the progress of Genie, discussed the next priorities, and continued to evaluate the plan as we learned new things about the way the team operated.

Step 4: Plan for the future. At the end of multiple phases of work, the application was transitioned back to the internal team at Crowell & Morning. We continue to partner with their team as new features are requested and added to Genie.

The Result

Mutually Human worked alongside the attorneys, paralegals, and support personnel to develop a custom project management solution for the claims department. This app enabled the team to manage cases more efficiently, increasing client satisfaction and allowing them to take on more cases. It also reduced the need for repetitive manual processes related to reporting and analysis of cases and clients, allowing the team to focus their attention on more sophisticated tasks.

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