Grayce is a company that pairs families with caregiving experts to develop and execute care plans designed for each family’s unique circumstances. The service can help you care for your loved one no matter how far apart you are. The experts at Grayce will help you through all the steps of the caregiving journey, providing tactical and emotional support along the way.

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Business Needs

Kassidee Kipp was stuck. She had a full-time job on the West Coast but needed to provide care for her aging mother on the East Coast. It was an impossible situation that she knew many of her peers were finding themselves in as well. That’s when Julia Cohen Sebastien  called.

Together, the two women worked together to launch a company focused on helping support families with aging loved ones over the long haul. They didn’t want anyone else to feel burdened by caring for their sick or aging loved ones. They wanted to turn it into an experience they were happy to take on.

To ensure the success of Grayce’s mission, however, they needed a way that the experts and family members could keep in touch, a place where plans could be easily updated with new information. That’s when Mutually Human got to join this amazing company.

“We hired Mutually Human and we did a kick-off call. The kick-off call, I would say, is one of my favorite memories of Grayce to date because I had been in all of these Google docs laboriously trying to write out my ideas and tie it together. Spending three hours on the phone with Mark and Lori was transformative,”

Kasidee Kipp

Co-Founder, Grayce

Easily communicate with a Grayce expert.

The app allows family members easy access to their Grayce caregiving expert day or night giving family members peace of mind when they have questions about their loved one’s care.

 When family members need to ask more in-depth questions or talk through a complicated issue, the Grayce app can instantly connect them to their Grayce expert face-to-face through Zoom video conference calls.

Create easily accessible care profile

The Grayce app allows caregivers to create custom care profiles. These profiles provide an easily accessible area to track information like medication, action steps, doctors notes, appointment info and more. There are also assessments that can be reviewed by an expert to tell if their home is safe for their loved one. 

Create Evergreen Care Plans

The Grayce app allows their experts access to content modules to help them keep care plans fresh and share needed information with clients.


As with every project they tackle, we knew that a human-centered approach was the only way that this development project would work. We worked alongside Kassidee, Julia, and a Grayce developer in an iterative design process that took into account all of the ins and outs that the families and caregivers needed.

Step 1: Free consultation –  After finding a developer, Kassidee realized they would need help with design as well. She reached out to our team to see if it would be a good fit.

Step 2: Create a custom plan –  Once the team at Grayce decided that we were the right partner, everyone sat down for a three-hour meeting that went through all their mock-ups to help organize and prioritize all their feature ideas.

Step 3: The product takes shape – A week after the kick-off call, we were able to begin delivering mock-ups and betas to the Grayce team. According to Kassidee, working with us didn’t just create efficiency in the design-build process. It also accelerated their timeline to market. 

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