Less Technology

We've dedicated our lives to technology so you don't have to.

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More Humanity

Our design & development process begins and ends with people.

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Clear Innovation

We design and develop software that will delight your users.

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We make great software.

Whether it's for business, healthcare, entertainment, education, or anything else, we aim to create the digital products and services you can't live without.

We have the experience to build strategies.

Over the years, we had some indispensable experience with client work and our internal projects. We've gained a deep understanding of product development and real success. We know that our clients come to us with expertise in their industries. That's why we know that we can build solid strategies together.

We cover all bases.

A lot goes in to crafting great software. We specialize in Ruby on Rails, but we are a full service software company. Our process runs from beginning to end, including development, testing, research, user experience, information architecture and graphic design. Along every step, our process is thoughtful, holistic and conscientious. We proceed as a team, combining our expertise to create something beautiful and functional, with all parts working together.

We share your goals.

Our goal is that when our software reaches its intended recipient, it makes their lives better. That's what we believe good software has the power to do. We know our clients feel the same way, and that's exactly what we offer as a company.

About Mutually Human

Mutually Human is a custom software design and development consultancy specializing in mobile and web-based products and services. We help our clients design, develop and bring to market innovative products and services based on insightful research and strategy aligned with business objectives. We’ve helped Fortune 500 companies, state governments, and startups.