Aaron Christy

Software Engineer
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Starting with his junior high science fair, where he hand-typed a decade’s worth of birth and death statistics for Fairfield County into his Apple, Aaron has always believed that software has a story behind it. He also now knows that more people die at 11:05am on the Wednesday nearest their birthday after eating strawberry ice cream. He took that “very useful” information to Ohio State University where he graduated with degrees in marketing and management information systems, not only because he still believed human behavior and software are inexplicably intertwined, but because he was academically indecisive.

Aaron spent his formative years working for several large companies, including Fifth Third Bank, doing data security and intrusion detection. At Nationwide Insurance he found a new love working on niche internal web applications related to GIS and mapping – ones that found value through focused and purposeful responses from users. However, Aaron found his greatest passion while working at JP Morgan Chase where he was lead developer on a massive, internal Ruby on Rails application dedicated to managing the access workflow for internal applications. He discovered that while the real story behind software could be “How can I locate a repair shop to fix my car?”, it could just as easily be “I’d really like to steal some money once I break into this server.”

In 2011, Aaron carried his love for Ruby to Edgecase where he had the opportunity to solve a wide variety of problems, from counties attempting to manage their fleet of vehicles to researchers needing to publish articles in scientific journals. He brings a unique combination of creativity and natural curiosity to finding the human story within complex business requirements. He has learned that technology, while intriguing and exciting, is ultimately a tool for improving lives in tangible ways.

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