AJ Hekman

Software Engineer
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An East Grand Rapids native, AJ began teaching himself to code in middle school by messing around with the rudimentary language of graphing calculators, i.e. TI-BASIC. A bit of a rebel, AJ was less concerned with following all the rules and more interested in learning about things that truly interested him, like coding and physics. He began teaching himself other languages while finishing high school, completing a degree in Business at Calvin College, and working his post-collegiate jobs. His love for development only continued to grow.

Over the years, AJ’s journey of dedicated curiosity and unfettered learning has taken him deep into languages like JavaScript, Ruby, Python; frameworks such as Flask, Ruby on Rails, EmberJS, AngularJS; practices such as TDD and test-after; object-oriented design; and functional programming techniques.

His learning never stops and we’re excited to fuel his curiosity and foster his clear passion for bringing better software into the world.

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