Ben Beckwith

Software Engineer
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Ben Beckwith spends his time at the intersection of hardware and software. He has an appreciation for how the constraints in hardware impacts the software he writes. Is writing for multiple cores advisable? How can the power of the GPU be leveraged to complement the CPU? Knowing the implementation of chips down to the level of logic gates gives him the insight to answer such questions appropriately.

Ben grew up in the small town of Findlay, Ohio where he reached the rank of Eagle Scout. He attended the University of Cincinnati where he earned a degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in wireless technology. After graduation, he joined DEC/Compaq in Boston and became a member of the team working on the Alpha chip. His assignments included validating the correctness of the instruction queue and modeling cache designs. After Ben’s division was acquired by Intel, he moved into a consulting role with the company – cooperating with customers to create and validate custom hardware with complex inter-chip communications. During his stay on the east coast, Ben earned his Master in Computer Engineering from Northeastern University.

Even though Ben enjoyed Boston, his family and childhood love of Ohio called him back to his roots. He loves the opportunity for constant learning and the creative process he’s found at Mutually Human.

He and his wife Andrea have two young children – Johannes and Isabelle. They enjoy taking day trips, family activities and the outdoors.

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