Ben Downey

Software Engineer

A lifelong technologist, Ben has always been interested in the intersection of the digital and human realms.

He spent his college years focused on the latter, pursuing a quadruple major in English, Italian, philosophy, and religion. After two years of graduate work in analytical philosophy, he decided he was ready to focus on the digital realm.

Ben moved to Chicago, honing his software skills in the financial services sector. Even though the industry is famous for lightning fast supercomputers, much of the back office work is still performed manually. He began writing small apps that would perform the repetitive tasks of data collection and aggregation, allowing humans to simply focus on the analysis.

After a few years, Ben transistioned from large scale financial institutions to tiny startups. He fell in love with the chaos and the excitement involved in bringing products to life. Although he has helped companies like NBCUniversal and John Hancock Financial find their inner-startup, his passion is early-stage companies. Nothing quite beats the joy of bringing an idea from the mind to the marketplace.

Ben understands that elegant technological solutions need to go beyond bits and bytes to address the human drives behind them. Whether sculpting websites or mobile applications, Ben has found great success architecting software that focuses human energies where they’re needed most and leaves computers to take care of the rest.

When he’s not coding, Ben is hiking around the Pacific Northwest with his wife and kids.

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