Chandu Tennety

Software Engineer
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Chandu started his career as an Industrial Engineer with a specialization in Computer-Aided Engineering. After creating a thesis in rule-based feature recognition in extruded solid models – which was regarded as one of the best his professor had seen (after almost failing his Java class!) he moved on to ERP consulting and QA testing, as well as learning Ruby and Cucumber.

He began work as a full-time software developer with a startup company helping to build their Rails app in collaboration with software shops EdgeCase and Mutually Human.

Before coming on full time here at MH, Chandu had previously worked at JP Morgan Chase, Neo, and Instructure. Along the way, he’s honed his development and consulting skills on projects small and large. His technical toolbox features Ruby/Rails, Javascript and its major frameworks, Clojure, Elm and much more.. He’s used those skills on behalf of companies he’s worked for, clients, and open source. Chandu is also just as enthusiastic about solving people and business problems as he is writing code.

Chandu enjoys spending quality time with family, friends, or by himself. He enjoys tea, reading, solving cryptic crosswords, and bird watching. He’s an extraordinarily talented line drawing artist who is now branching out into wood-carving.

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