Chris Westra

Software Engineer
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Chris began his career as a mechanical engineer doing chassis design for Honda ATVs. After four years spent in CAD systems and finite element analysis, Chris dusted off his Computer Science minor and began putting it to use. What began with small macros and simple Excel-based UI systems for his Honda colleagues ended with the realization that he enjoyed software development more than he liked mechanical engineering. He joined a startup named Facio and soon became the only remaining developer there. This gave him exposure to the full stack and made him responsible for infrastructure concerns as well.

After Facio, Chris joined Neo where he had the opportunity to work on large, complex, distributed systems. He became deeply familiar with all of the major modern Javascript frameworks; and though he grew to love Ember.js most of all, he also had the opportunity to learn and develop in Clojure and Rust, in addition to everything he’d previously used in web development.

Outside of work, Chris is an accomplished musician. He sings with the Columbus Symphony Chorus and plays viola and sings with Old Hundred whose “Let in the Light” was named one of the top ten local albums of 2014 by Columbus Alive.

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