Curtis Autery

Software Engineer
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Curtis is a self-taught programmer, starting in the early 1980’s when he ran a dial-up BBS from his home on an Apple //. He specializes in encryption, integration, regular expressions, HTML5 canvas, and the “bits on the wire” of network protocols.

Prior to Mutually Human, Curtis worked at the CompuServe online service, the Sterling Commerce ecommerce network, American Electric Power, and the Updox healthcare IT service provider. At these companies, he watched firsthand as the consumer Internet boomed, large enterprises starting demanding that their mainframes support Unix, banks vastly improved their IT security, and health records providers got serious about interoperability. Due to experiences like these, his favorite IT truism is “computer science is the study of history.”

Outside of the office, Curtis is an active community volunteer. He has worked with Habitat for Humanity building houses, mentored for a counseling agency for several years, along the way earning a Commended Mentor award from the Mentoring Center of Central Ohio. He organized the first few meetups of the Columbus chapter of freeCodeCamp, taught for a couple years at local elementary schools through Tech Corps Ohio, and now runs a weekly computer club for middle schoolers.

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