Jenna Elamin-Mueller

Software Engineer

Jenna stumbled upon software development by accident during the last semester of her senior year of college. Someone mentioned computational linguistics to her (with linguistics being her major). Jenna got pretty excited and started to look into programming, doing a few courses on Codecademy as a result. Grad school wasn’t something she was interested in, so she went on to various jobs from tech support to pizza slinging.

In 2015, she wanted to make a career change and decided to attend a Dev Bootcamp after her husband, Peter, had had success doing the same thing. It was a fun and empathy-focused experience, which happened to be the best way for her to learn software development.

From there, Jenna went to work for Pillar Technology, primarily on mobile development teams. She also helped implement an automated internal code review distribution system that uses the Trello and Slack API.

Beyond mobile development, Jenna has helped build web applications using Ruby, Rails, Postgres, Ember, and more. She has put those skills to use on behalf of our clients. She is a well-rounded practitioner who is always finding new ways to level up her craft.

When she’s not rewatching The Office, she enjoys shouting at anime, sending people crashing into walls in roller derby, exchanging memes and gifs with her mom, bonding with her Kindle, regaling her husband and puppers with grammy-worthy improvised songs, dying in video games, and watching Vine compilations with her best friend Lauren. She’s also a big fan of Taco Bell and the kpop group VIXX.

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