Lori Mackson

Software Designer
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Lori’s love for organization and creativity started at a very early age. Her most lasting Christmas memory was coming down the stairs to see the gift of her dreams — a filing cabinet full of colorful hanging folders, stacks of paper, and a box of sharpies.

Lori began her college career playing basketball and pursuing a degree in education with a focus on mathematics. Although the idea of teaching was compelling, she found herself spending more time on the layout of a worksheet, the organization of a text book, or the design of a classroom bulletin board. This realization inspired a shift into completing a degree in Graphic Design and Communications from Saginaw Valley State University.

With a degree in hand and a unique personality, Lori was recruited by GSW, a growing advertising agency that specialized in healthcare. She was able to use her skills to build visuals that included efficacy charts, dosing schedules, and other statistically significant information. At GSW, Lori became a creative director where she led a team that built multiple pieces for a launch product. As digital products emerged in the healthcare space, Lori seized an opportunity to be a part of building a UX department. There, she specialized in user experience, sitemaps, wireframes, running workshops, and partnering with developers to build digital pieces for sales reps, health care providers, and patients.

A desire to return to her home state brought Lori to Mutually Human. Lori sees software as an opportunity to use her creative skills to build tools that make life easier for everyone. Although she might rewrite your post-it note so it matches others, Lori believes the best products are built through collaboration and as much user influence as possible.

Lori is happiest when she is playing sports or board games with her 3 sons, near large bodies of water, and (of course) reorganizing closets.

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