Mark Van Holstyn

President, Founder
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Before receiving his Computer Science degree from Calvin College, Mark was already working as a professional developer. He’s been honing his skills and deepening his experience since 2004. As Mark was developing his craft he was simultaneously collecting information about the software industry and how he might make it better. In 2007, he took that experience and information and co-founded Mutually Human, where he continues to lead business operations. He has a major hand in cultivating new client relationships and nurturing existing ones. In addition, Mark manages finances and business development.

Mark’s business acumen keeps Mutually Human grounded in solid strategy while perpetually moving the business forward. His experience is an asset to new clients looking for informed product development in addition to programming and design. Personally, Mark is very even-tempered, patient, and honest. He is exceptionally fair in interacting with both the Mutually Human team and our clients. In this way, he is great at leading discussions without creating stress or unnecessary confusion.

Mark is a perfectionist. He takes pride in his craft and cares a great deal about the quality of his work. His areas of specialty include Ruby, Rails, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. He is not content to leave a particular task until it meets his highest standards. When he’s not at Mutually Human he’s spending time with his awesome family. He and his wife Liz are parents to the best Max since von Sydow and the coolest Olivia since Newton-John.

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