Matt Mercieca

Software Engineer

Matt Mercieca has a habit of taking things apart and putting them back together in ways the designer probably never anticipated. This talent has served him well inside, and outside, of his career as a software engineer.

A perpetual student, Matt studied computer science at Michigan State University. When he completed that program he wasn’t quite ready to graduate, so he stayed around to earn an extra degree in English and eventually a teaching certificate. He liked school so much he even taught high school English for a while.

After that, Matt found his home as a computer programmer–though most of his family still isn’t quite sure what he does for a living. Matt actively resisted specializing and as a result has launched online stores, worked on various web sites and web products, and made the jump to desktop and native applications. He doesn’t have a favorite language and will use C# as readily as Objective-C or JavaScript. Mutually Human, with the variety of challenges that only a consultancy can provide, was a natural fit.

Matt’s free time varies as much as his career. His volunteer work has taught him how to transport a ton of potatoes, order 300 turkeys, and the nuts and bolts of putting on a conference. He is a passable dungeon master, spends too much money on books, frequently listens to director’s commentaries, and spends a lot of time falling off of real and artificial rock walls.

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