Mitch Kett

Software Engineer
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Mitch’s software journey didn’t really start with software, but rather a desire to be an architect.

“The idea of drawing out floor plans and designing layouts that would eventually become physical structures felt really fulfilling. However, I quickly realized I didn’t quite have the creative eye for home design and struggled with that fundamental aspect of the job.”

Even though being an architect wasn’t an avenue he wanted to continue to pursue, he found the redirection into computer science a natural switch for him. Since building software can oftentimes be like building a house, this seemed like a good fit for him.

One of Mitch’s favorite aspects of working in the software industry is the challenge of it. Every client and project comes with some new challenge to problem solve and a hurdle to get over. It requires constant learning and innovating new solutions – something that Mitch really enjoys.

When Mitch isn’t developing software, he can be found spending time with his fiancée Laura, watching movies and catching up on TV shows, cooking or trying out new restaurants, as well as spending time with friends.

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