Nate Eizenga

Software Engineer

Nate traces his path as a software engineer back to a strange origin: a scriptable music visualizer called MilkDrop. Through MilkDrop his programming journey began as a creative outlet conveniently located at the intersection of his mathematics degree, job as a data analyst, and love of music. Over the coming years, however, it became the focus of his work. After leaving his data analyst position in 2013 he freelanced for several years, and found a home at Mutually Human in 2018.

As an avid self-teacher, Nate’s favorite part about working in technology is the dynamic nature of the field. There are always new things to learn and greater depths-of-knowledge to attain. He enjoys the process of translating clients’ goals into working code, and the satisfaction of architecting elegant solutions to unique, complicated problems. As a result, consulting as a software developer is a pleasant, natural fit.

Aside from his work Nate enjoys solving logic puzzles, music made by robots, sharing good food with good company, throwing retrogaming controllers, and the occasional return to his mathematical roots through a well-written textbook.

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