Nate Eizenga

Software Engineer

Although it may sound absurd, Nate’s journey into the software development industry began with his math degree and MilkDrop, a visualizer for the pseudo-defunct media player Winamp. MilkDrop uses a simple scripting language to create audio-reactive visualizations, and was his first real exposure to programming. He started making MilkDrop presets as an artistic outlet for his math degree, and quickly realized he had an aptitude for programming and enjoyed the process. Things snowballed from there. Looking back on that time, his career feels like the odd, yet inevitable conclusion of that hobby.

Nate’s favorite part of the software industry is how expansive and dynamic it is. There are so many ways to accomplish a task and there’s always something new coming down the pipe. He loves to learn new things and software development doesn’t just allow him to do this, it requires it.

When he’s not coding, Nate enjoys cooking, going out with friends, attending concerts, drinking coffee, doing logic puzzles, and playing games of all kinds.

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