Zach Dennis

Software Engineer, Founder
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Zach is a partner at Mutually Human with over ten years of experience in professional software development. He’s worked for companies of all sizes and persuasions and shared his expertise by contributing to the existing literature on RSpec, teaching development classes, speaking at conferences, and contributing to open source projects. Zach started Mutually Human with three other partners, because he was dedicated to the principle of human-centered software and a pragmatic approach to the development process.

Zach is an avid reader and writer and, as his personal blog would suggest, a continuous thinker. He is respectful and open-minded, but not afraid to share his opinions. Zach’s understanding of process and best practice can be a huge benefit to clients who are either launching a new web application or need to improve standards on an existing one. His management style is one of the core strengths of the company.

Outside of software development, Zach loves music. He listens to music while he works and plays guitar when he’s taking a break. His favorite things include the movie Tron Legacy, a wide range of non-fiction books, and too many bands to count. Zach lives with his wife Gretchen, their two cats, Biggles and Bulge, and their sweet pooch Freida.

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