How to Survive and Thrive in a New Project Part 1 On Boarding

How to Survive and Thrive in a New Project Part 1 On Boarding

How to Survive and Thrive in a New Project Part 1: On-Boarding Orientation & Map-Making If you’ve ever joined a large & complex software development project, that was well underway, you may have felt a little bit like you had been dropped in the middle...
Math Is Not Necessary for Software Development

Math Is Not Necessary for Software Development

Sometimes, I tweet. When I tweet, sometimes people agree with me. One such occasion happened recently when I said this. Modern software development has way more to do with reading comprehension and written communication than math.— Ross Hunter (@Ross_Hunter) November...

A casual look at upcoming changes in Ruby 1.9.3

With Ruby 1.9.3 nearing here’s a casual look at some of the upcoming changes in 1.9.3rc1. Updated License Ruby’s license is no longer a dual license with GPLv2. Now it’s a dual license with a 2-clause BSDL. According to Yui Naruse on the ruby-core...

March GRWebDev Talk – Javascript Code Organizations, Patterns

Tonight I had the opportunity to give a talk on Javascript code organization and patterns at the local GRWebDev user group. As a take-away from that talk, I’ve put the slides up over at speakerrate. They took video tonight of the talks, so hopefully that turns...

Class Coercion in Ruby

I often run into situations where I’m working with something that’s essentially a number, but I want it to behave just a little differently. For example, in triathlon training I often deal with time intervals. I may be repeating a certain swimming distance...

JSConf2009 in review

I just got back from JSConf2009 and it was absolutely amazing. If I hadn’t known it was the first JavaScript conference I probably would not have guessed it. The conference’s agenda, venue, and food were very well put together. Though I did not attend the after...
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