A Case for View Specs in Rails

A Case for View Specs in Rails

Like a lot of Rails developers, I rarely write view specs. In almost all the projects I’ve seen and worked with, there have been hardly any view specs that were actively maintained. There are a few reasons for this: they can be brittle, add little perceived...

RSpec Requestable Examples

Recently, while refactoring legacy code in a system, we found core domain rules that were not being clearly expressed in the application, neither in the code nor the end user. As a result, the burden of knowing all of the rules was pushed onto the user, and when the...

A Rails testing environment with Cucumber, RSpec, and autotest

Automated testing is an important part of what we do at Mutually Human Software. Automated tests can reduce bugs and regressions, give us confidence that we can safely refactor, reduce manual testing, and can also result in cleaner, more maintainable software. At...

The RSpec Book Gets Reviewed

I was happy to see on the twitter-sphere that The RSpec Book was reviewed over on Ruby Inside by Peter Cooper. If you didn’t know, I was one of the contributing authors to the book, and it’s a highly good read. But don’t take my word on it check out Peter’s review:...

Automating easily forgettable tasks

There are many business requirements that we need to remember or ensure that gets done as developers which are not necessarily related to code or the behavior of the software. This could be code comments, copyright notices, or other information that are not...
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