(Over)simplify Your Code

(Over)simplify Your Code

One of my eureka moments as a developer came when my programming pair suggested I separate some very simple math in the body of a method into another method. At the time it seemed like overkill to create an entirely new method when the operation was so simple....
Yeoman Testing With Coffeescript

Yeoman Testing With Coffeescript

Matthew Seeley and I have been building an AngularJS app using Yeoman. So far it’s been great! Yeoman gives you Grunt tasks, AngularJS generators, and Bower package management right out of the box. In addition, it gives you a base configuration for running...

Testing SMS Interactions in Ruby on Rails

In my last blog post, I discussed how to incorporate Twilio into your Ruby on Rails application. However, I didn’t discuss how to automate testing these interactions. This time I’ll show you how to do just that by using the new Ruby Gem sms-spec, so that...

Writing Better Tests by Focusing on Behavior

To help illustrate this, we’re going to use an almost universal concept in software development, and one readily familiar to any Rails developer: validations. Spec’ing Validations Let’s say that we have an Account that requires a name. In Rails,...

To Find Your Audience, Think Like a Scientist

Customer Development Customer development plays a crucial role on all levels of commerce, from fledging startups to multinational corporations. But if your business is brand new, customer development in those tender first months may mean the difference between sinking...

A Rails testing environment with Cucumber, RSpec, and autotest

Automated testing is an important part of what we do at Mutually Human Software. Automated tests can reduce bugs and regressions, give us confidence that we can safely refactor, reduce manual testing, and can also result in cleaner, more maintainable software. At...
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