5 Modes of UX Design

5 Modes of UX Design

At Mutually Human, our UX design process includes time spent in the following modes: Discover Draft Build Test Analyze Two reasons I called them “modes” instead of “steps” or “stages” UX design isn’t a linear process. We don’t follow rigid steps. We use our tools in a...

Day 3 From Interaction, Dublin

[Editor’s Note: Victor is drafting these daily recaps from the notes he took at the Interaction Design Conference in Dublin earlier this month. Soon, we’ll be posting a deeper analysis of some of the more interesting insights he gained from the...

“Design Thinking” and Innovation: Part 2/2

The Knowledge Funnel In his Design Thinking lecture, Martin discussed what he calls The Knowledge Funnel. According to him, the advancement of knowledge travels from a mystery, to a heuristic (a premise stated as a learning tool) to an algorithm (explanation of the...

“Design Thinking” and Innovation: Part 1/2

Roger Martin and Design Thinking Earlier this month, the Mutually Human team took a field trip to the JW Marriott for Roger Martin’s talk on Design Thinking. Roger Martin is a senior advisor and author of several books on management and business strategy. He is...

Practical Typography

You can use typography to greatly strengthen the visual appeal of the sites and apps that you build. Even if you aren’t a designer, you should be comfortable with some basic typographic principals. In the presentation that is embedded below, I will take you through...
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