Every now and then you need a good reason to interrupt the normal flow of head down, hyper-focused, highly diligent work efforts. The other day happened to be just that kind of day and for good reason; our very own Grace Eyre recently completed her first novel, The Kernel in David Morrow.

The novel, which took about six years of off and on writing, is the reason for the first ever Mutually Human book club meeting (as seen below). The photographer behind the image is none other than Grace Eyre herself! Little did she know when she took the photo that we were going to blow it up, print it to poster board, have the entire team sign it, and showcase it to her at the office only days later!

The genuine smile and appreciation on Grace’s face when we congratulated her with the poster, cheese cake, toppings, and the whole team was well worth the effort it took to keep our plans secret.

If you haven’t met Grace before, you’ve likely seen her around some of the GRWebDev meetings among others. She’s been working with us for the past seven months as a content, copy, and video editor/strategist. She’s been an an amazing addition to the team and community here at MHS.

So on behalf of the whole team at Mutually Human, we’d like to say, congratulations to Grace for completing her novel!

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