November is shaping up to be a fun and hairy month this year. The Movember participants’ upper lips are finally past the awkward stage and filling in nicely. But donations are at an all-time low.

So, we’re taking a page out of the NPR/PBS fundraising playbook. We’re giving stuff away to people who donate! While we don’t have any tote-bags, we do have some interesting swag for those who donate to the MHS Movember team.

For starters, we’re giving HTML5 stickers to anyone who donates from now until the end of November, regardless of amount. Donate $20 and receive an HTML5 or Inspire t-shirt (limited supply: Medium and Large only). Donate $30 or more, and you’ll get a slick Mutually Human coffee mug.

Simply visit the MHS Movember Team donation site, and kick a few dollars toward prostate cancer research and awareness. We will send you a thank-you email to get more details about how to get your gift to you.

From the collective mustaches of Mutually Human, Happy Movember!

Chris showing off the goods

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