Such bonding could happen at a restaurant with a group of co-workers. However, avoiding the rush, long lines, cramped seating and loud peripheral conversations of the lunch-hour routine provides for a more valuable experience.

When I started working at MHS, I introduced the idea of providing a weekly “team lunch”. The team eats together around a big table in the office. It’s usually something simple like soup, salad and bread. I’ve tried the “breakfast for lunch” and “taco bar,” but realized that preparing this for 12-15 people in an office kitchen – while appreciated – was a lot more work than I had anticipated!

MHS has always supplied a gracious offering of snacks and beverages to fuel the minds and caffeine addictions of its Humans, and working lunches and dinners have been catered by the local pizza place or Subway; but there hadn’t been a regular time to gather around the table together “family-style,” just to be.

As we sit down around the table, we listen to one another. We learn about the Humans with whom we spend more time than with our own families. We are invited to look beyond our professional roles and into the experiences, joys, sorrows, stresses and humor that make us Human.

I am FAR from a gourmet chef, and have had some “misses” on the menu, but what does my heart most good is to see the Human family gathered around the table, sharing their humanity.

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