In our workaholic culture, it’s no secret than many people in the American workforce are stressed due to their employment. In fact, more than a third of Americans report feeling chronic stress due to their jobs. While there can be a lot of reasons for this, over our many years of working with companies to create customized software solutions to their problems, we have seen this first hand.

Employees attempting to do an insane amount of work to compensate for the current poor processes are only left stressed out and still not accomplishing everything they want to. 

Many times, we’ve begun work with clients who think the problems their people are facing are independent of the tools they have been given to do their job. People, processes, and technology all need to be aligned for a successful result. When one of those three is failing, the other two suffer. 

How Can I Determine if Our System is Broken?

Too Much Manual Work

Does your current process require a lot of manual work instead of automation?  This may result in employees spending their time on mundane, clerical tasks instead of areas that will have a more meaningful impact on your company. As they spend so much time in areas that could be automated, it adds to their plate and makes it harder for them to get to the “big things.”

Multiple People and Sources of Information

Does the current process require input from multiple people to be able to pull information together? Without a centralized database, your team is having to pull information not only from many different sources but from many people too. This requires much more time that could be saved with one, centralized place and could ultimately alleviate stress. 

Inaccurate data 

Do you feel like you’re getting less than ideal accuracy as you track items, possibly due to human error? We have seen this exact problem in our clients’ businesses many times when creating customized software for them. In such cases, it’s easy to blame a team member. But, a better software solution could lead to greater accuracy and make things much easier on your team. 

How can Customized Software Help Your Team and Ultimately, Your Company?

Unique Business Needs Require Unique Solutions

Your business is unique and because of this, you need a unique solution and process as well.  Customized software is tailored to your unique business needs, focusing specifically on your process. Unlike off the shelf software that you might be currently trying to bend to your own use, customized software only includes the functions you need making it a streamlined, efficient tool that helps your business run the way it should. Customized software is shaped to your needs, rather than having to adjust your process based on technology constraints, leading to a competitive advantage for your company and making life much easier on your team. 

Less Stress, More Productivity

By creating a more streamlined and less stressful process for everyone, you’ll actually have the opportunity to increase performance as well.  “Less stress improves business performance,” according to Chronic stress can decrease the long-term productivity of team members too. By reducing this stress, you’ll create a better process and better productivity from your people as well. 

If you’ve been feeling any of these pain points as a business owner or manager, we’d love to help and chat about creating a customized software solution for your company. Schedule a free consultation at any time. 

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