May 4, 2009 – In early April, Mutually Human Software, a company that writes people-friendly custom Web applications, and People Design, a firm that helps companies develop innovative customer experiences, began sharing a collaborative workspace in Grand Rapids’ historic Brassworks Building on Monroe Avenue NW. The companies officially became office mates on April 7.

“We see this as a chance to keep our knowledge of advances in Web application development sharp,” says Kevin Budelmann, president of People Design. “Much of the work we do in developing customer experiences includes online touch points and applications, and we need to keep informed of developments in this area so we can help our customers offer wonderful online experiences. We admire Mutually Human Software’s commitment to Agile development methods. And we share a common philosophy about designing using people-centered processes. We know they’re going to make good neighbors.”

“We’ve been looking for a new home,” says John Hwang, CEO of Mutually Human Software. “And we have gotten to know People Design’s work and their people. We know that sharing space with them will give us more exposure to user-centered design research methods. It’s pretty exciting for us to gain more exposure to the design of complete customer experiences. Everybody’s going to learn. We’re happiest when we’re learning.” Agile software development is a method of rapidly and frequently delivering high-quality software that aligns customer needs and goals with development. It is an iterative, incremental, and collaborative process that encourages teamwork, self-organization, and accountability. It has roots in Lean Manufacturing principles.

Customer experience innovation is a means of differentiating business offerings by studying customer behaviors to discover and meet unmet needs. Through empathic research, strategy, and design realization, customer experience innovation helps companies offer products and services that retain loyal customer advocates.

Mutually Human Software writes people-friendly software – software that is intuitive, easy to use, and beautiful – using people-friendly methods. We are Agile programmers and believe that communication, simplicity, feedback, courage, and respect are the key ingredients to a successful project.

People Design helps companies conceive and produce innovative customer experiences. We work with leaders to gain customer insights, discover fresh approaches to their markets, and design excellent experiences.

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