Custom. It’s a word that can strike fear in the hearts of business owners that imagine dollar signs overriding the images on their computer screens. When it comes to a custom web app, you may not want to overlook the benefits it has over off-the-shelf tools. You could be missing out on growth and profits stimulated through customizable web application software. While the off-the-shelf products may have served you well to get to your current business level, how do you know when it’s time to make the switch to a custom web app?

Productivity Plummets

In a suite of off-the-shelf software tools, each one works independently to perform its purpose. Some tools work well together to get tasks done. At some point, your needs become more specific and more complex, so you can’t get as much out of the non-custom tools as you’d like. You can’t accomplish certain tasks effectively. Consider the “what-if” of using tools designed to work together exactly as you require. If you discover a gap in productivity, it’s time for a custom web application.

You might find the productivity gap comes from a lack of control over the ready-made software that produces what someone else designed it to produce. You can’t do anything differently with that software to meet your needs, so you resort to manual processes to achieve your goals. Your workaround might include replicating data entry in more than one system, a situation that can lead to increased incidences of human error. Customizing a web app avoids this scenario, enabling you to maximize productivity.

Lost Opportunity for Growth

As your business changes and grows, your systems to operate it should follow suit. Software that worked well at the beginning of a business venture may become inadequate. Maybe, in the beginning, you were able to manage information with a few spreadsheets. As you grow, managing multiple spreadsheets to track your business performance becomes unwieldy, you could lose a handle on how all the pieces fit together. Organizations that have a more advanced technological system can more easily gain a competitive advantage by operating more smoothly. 

Don’t let your system become inefficient with software tools operating in silos. Keep your competitive advantage by recognizing you have a problem and upgrading to a custom web app to align your spreadsheets, email, project management, database management, and other tools with your business needs. No mass-produced tool can meet all your requirements. For a time, you may work around that deficiency. When your unique business needs require a precise system, you’re ready for a custom web app.

Deficient Data Woes

How do you store your data? Is it all in one system and not entered and reentered in multiple programs for different uses? Can you access the exact information needed at any point in time and in a format that works? If you answer “no” to the last two questions, your response indicates the need for a custom web app. With a custom solution, your staff won’t duplicate data entry because it’s consolidated. You’ll be able to determine when, where, and how you want to access data. You can get reports, graphs, insights, and data you can trust by customizing a system to your needs.

Floundering Customer Service

Customers are your lifeblood. When customer service suffers, your reputation and your profits suffer, too. If your system of using off-the-shelf tools isn’t serving your needs, you won’t have the right information available to serve your customers fully. Build a foundation for first-class customer service by creating an optimally functioning operation using a custom web app. You can ensure customers are able to accomplish what they need to accomplish through a branded experience tailored specifically for your business and the interactions you have with your customers. This not only elevates the experience but keeps customers coming back time and time again. 

Level Up through Customization

When it’s time to perform at the next level, a custom web app can be your biggest asset. Are you worried about the cost? Consider your budget and your most important needs and create only the solutions needed. As you grow, your system can change and grow. If you manage your business well and use a custom web app, the dollar signs you’ll see will be on the income side of the spreadsheet.

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