An Important Announcement

Here at Mutually Human, we are excited to announce a new phase of Syncr, our custom application for syncing data between Harvest and Quickbooks Online. After one year of providing this trial service to real customers, we’ve learned a tremendous amount. That’s why we are moving to a new billing structure. At $99 a month, Syncr is field-tested with fewer errors and stronger customer support.


About Syncr

Syncr manages the flow of data between two important software programs that small business use every day: Harvest and Quickbooks Online. This process includes information that is financially sensitive and vital to business operations, such as client accounts, projects, invoices, payments, employees and timesheets.

Clients have access to a dashboard which allows them to automatically sync data, or to sync manually as needed. The automation of data between Harvest and Quickbooks Online removes the potential for human error, eliminates confusing duplicate entires, saves hours of work every month and reduces accounting fees.

What We’ve Learned

This past year, we’ve been running Syncr as a free service. By speaking to early adopters, we’ve learned a lot about the value that Syncr provides businesses, as well as the level of commitment needed for quality customer support. We really put Syncr through the ranks by pushing it into the market. Thanks to the hundreds of real customers who rely on Syncr to manage their Harvest and Quickbooks data, we’ve found and fixed bugs that we couldn’t have otherwise found.

For example, some customers who set up an account with Syncr have unique needs for their data to integrate between Harvest and Quickbooks. In this case, we work personally with our customers to optimize their experience and resolve any possible issues.

We’ve also identified a new monthly subscription fee that allows us to continue providing a great service and great support to small businesses at a reasonable cost.

Try It!

Anyone can sign up for Syncr as a free, two-week trial. We ask for no credit card information up front. When the two week trial ends, we simply prompt you with the option to subscribe. It’s that simple!

In addition, any new or existing customer who is experiencing issues or needs help with their particular set-up is encouraged to email us at We can walk you through the process, one on one.

We are quite proud of our product and the real value it provides to small businesses. We look forward to this new phase in Syncr’s development.

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