Scout App, the best cross-platform GUI for taking advantage of the power of Compass and Sass just got better. Not a Terminal or Ruby junkie? No worries, Scout App has you covered. There’s no need to use Terminal or program with Ruby. Scout App bundles everything you need into a simple GUI, just point and click. This is the second public Scout App release and we’re proud to announce 0.5.0 is available for OSX and Windows.

What’s new in 0.5.0?

Scout App has been updated with support for the latest compass (0.11.5), sass (3.1.7), compass-960-plugin (0.10.4), and yui-compass-plugin (0.3). Here’s the rest of the changelog:

  • starting/watching a project shows the project’s log by default rather than the project’s configuration pane
  • project names can now be edited inline by double clicking on them in the project list
  • the project list can be resized
  • logged output can be cleared

Additionally, we’ve cleaned up the development process quite on OSX. If you’re interested check out Getting Started Developing Scout App on OSX

Download and Install

You can download the native installers directly from this post:

These are also available the official Scout App home page:

Feedback and Suggestions

Use GitHub issues for bug reports and feature suggestions for Scout App:

Talk to us on twitter @mutuallyhuman and join the conversation: #compass+scout

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