Are you thinking about taking the plunge into custom software? Well, come on in! The water’s great! There are a few things you should know and consider before hiring custom software development services though. 

We’ve been around the block a few times and we think these DO’s and DON’T will benefit you and the team you choose to work with. 

The DO’s of Hiring Custom Software Development Services


DO talk to references who can tell you what it’s like to work with them.

Not unlike following up with references on a potential employee or reading reviews on a new piece of technology you’re considering getting for the office, you want to find out what other people are saying about the person, product or service you’re considering. 

  • Ask about the culture of the team you’re considering. 
  • Inquire about how easy or difficult they are to work with. 
  • Find out how well they communicate with clients. 

DO make sure you understand how you’ll be expected to participate.

Before ever entering into a working relationship or hiring custom software development services, find out what the team expects out of you as the client. 

  • Will they want to meet with you weekly?
  • Will you need to be very hands-on or off?
  • What will you need to provide them?

DO understand what makes the team special and how that’s beneficial to your organization.

There are tons of great custom software companies out there and many talented developers. Every organization or team has something that makes them special or unique and provides something important for specific client goals. Find out what makes the company you’re looking at different or special and how that might or might not benefit your organization. 

The DON’Ts of Hiring Custom Software Development Services


DON’T worry too much about finding an expert in your domain – some experience helps but other skills are more important. 

It’s definitely helpful to work with a team that has experience working in your industry, but it’s important to realize that this isn’t an essential or sure sign that success is up ahead. The most important factors and characteristics you should be looking for are things like dependability, empathy, and being complete in all disciplines. 

DON’T just go with the first firm you talk to, compare several.

Just like calling around for quotes for a home improvement project or car repair, you never want to only talk to one organization. Take your time, have quality conversations, compare different firms and make the decision that is best overall for your organization. 

DON’T forget that software projects need more than engineers – design, product, and process skills are necessary too.

One of the greatest mistakes an organization looking to hire custom software development services can make is only focusing on the engineering side of creating their solution. There is SO much more that goes into creating great software. Find a team that is skilled in design, product, and process to get a comprehensive custom solution. 

We hope some of these tips and tricks will help you along your custom software journey. Want to learn more about our approach and what makes us different here at Mutually Human? Schedule a free consultation or take our free quiz to find out if custom software is right for you!

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