Elevating User Experience for Leading Foodservice Distributor with Mobile App Revitalization

A leading U.S. foodservice distributor that provides a wide range of high-quality products to businesses in the food industry partnered with Mutually Human to revitalize their mobile app, bringing about significant improvements including enhanced performance, streamlined development, and improved user experience.

Business Problem

A leading U.S. foodservice distributor that provides a wide range of high-quality products to businesses in the food industry needed help with their proprietary digital suite that encompasses a mobile application, a smart chatbot, and other digital customer endpoints. It is the digital companion for wholesale customers seeking self-service access to information. The React Native mobile application needed a comprehensive overhaul to meet evolving customer expectations, enhance performance, and provide a more intuitive user interface.


Mutually Human partnered with this foodservice distributor to revitalize their mobile app, bringing about significant improvements:

Optimized Data Retrieval with GraphQL

The new version of their app uses GraphQL, enabling more efficient data retrieval tailored to specific user needs. By consolidating data requests into a single query, the application’s performance improved and eliminated the need to fetch data from multiple URLs.

Simplified State Management with Zustand

The previous complex state management system was replaced with Zustand, streamlining the application’s development. This shift led to shorter, more readable code and accelerated the development of new features. Zustand simplified the process, eliminating the need for extensive reducers and actions.

Modernized Aesthetic and User Experience

Collaborating closely with their digital marketing and UI/UX teams, Mutually Human developers gave their app a fresh, modern look. This not only enhanced visual appeal but also optimized user navigation, allowing for quicker access to valuable information.

Benefits and Results

The collaborative efforts resulted in a revitalized mobile app with tangible benefits:

Enhanced Performance

The adoption of GraphQL significantly improved the app’s performance, ensuring that users receive only the necessary data for specific features or screens, reducing load times and enhancing overall responsiveness.

Streamlined Development

Zustand simplified the application’s state management, leading to cleaner, more efficient code and reducing development times. This has empowered their team to iterate more swiftly and incorporate new features seamlessly.

Improved User Experience

The modernized aesthetic and user-centric design contribute to a more enjoyable and efficient user experience. Users can now navigate the app effortlessly, finding relevant information with ease.

Continued Collaboration

Mutually Human developers continue to collaborate with the foodservice distributor’s team, working on further enhancements to their mobile app and developing new features. This ongoing partnership ensures that the app remains at the forefront of technology and aligns with the evolving needs of their wholesale customers. The success of this project demonstrates the value of a collaborative approach in achieving digital transformation and delivering an enhanced user experience.

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