Finance Company Utilizing Data Discovery

A Software company in the healthcare space needed a solution that would help them understand their current data landscape and provide a roadmap on how to better leverage data.

Business Needs

This particular client in the healthcare industry had the following challenges:

  • Their data was being stored in an SQL database and could only retrieve information manually through a few individual developers.
  • Without easy access to Business Intelligence reporting, the client was not able to get timely answers to questions about their business.
  • The client knew they needed to be more data-driven to be competitive and to support better decision-making, but didn’t know where to start.

“The Mutually Human Team did an amazing job not only producing actionable dashboarding that provided strategic insights about the business, they also helped us turn our nebulous concepts and ideas into well prioritized and clearly defined business metrics.”


The client elected to engage in a Data Discovery project. This service includes the following actions and deliverables:

  • Helps the client identify where they are on the data maturity curve.
  • Conducted one-on-one interviews and working sessions with client stakeholders to determine current business needs.
  • Evaluated the client’s current technology stack and current data repositories.
  • Identified opportunities to leverage machine learning and advanced analytics that would benefit clients’ current data process.

At the end of the discovery project, we were able to recommend and additional scope of work to create the highest-value dashboards for the client and a roadmap for future work.

Benefits and Results

Better Business Decisions:

The customer no longer has to wait while report requests are being processed, they can get insights quickly while working through the needs of their customers faster than ever before.

More Value to Customers:

The client is better able to understand their customer’s needs, which allows them to innovate and improve their experience and drive growth.

Sustainable Growth:

Now the client has a clear roadmap to achieving a robust data architecture, real-time business intelligence, and utilizing machine learning and A.I. to drive business success.

Self-service sign up

In the past, companies looking to purchase the uMap™ tool had to talk to the BU sales team. Now, companies ready to use this powerful tool can purchase the uMap™ tool online. The software walks the purchasers through an easy onboarding process to get them from purchase to up-and-running in very little time!

Create a unique uMap™

Creating a uMap™ is simple, yet very informative and inspiring. Each employee is guided through a series of questions that tap into both their professional and personal self.


The uMap™ software comes complete with features allowing managers to complete a review process using each employee’s unique uMap™. 

Gain insight through reports

When employees fill out a uMap™ there is a lot of information that could be very beneficial to their company. What training do their employees need? Who are the influencers in the organization? 

Great projects start with a great conversation.