Change the Way You Think About Creating a Custom App

Creating custom apps is what we love to do – working with clients to understand their business problems, work on custom software solutions and dream about the amazing features that we can build for their customers. The first step in our process of creating a custom app is a Free Consultation. During this workshop, we conduct our KeyQ Process, which is where we ask a series of questions to help us understand the current state of the project. Recently, we’ve heard that this process has been incredibly helpful to clients as they are in the beginning stages of creating an app. So, we decided to create a tool called KeyQ Software Planner to help your team plan an amazing custom app! 

This KeyQ Software Planner is designed to help you and your team really think through the key question process. The planner will guide you through the questions our expert designers ask before beginning to build any app. This new KeyQ Software Planner will walk your team through the entire planning process, no experts needed. (Although we will work through the process with you if you would like.)

So what is the advantage? Clarity. When you can clearly articulate exactly why what and how you are going to build something, it becomes closer to reality. You will work through who your audience is and what their needs are; your ideas and assumptions about your product; what features you want and need; and how you will get people to use the app once it’s launched; and more.

So what are the steps you’ll work through?

Organizational Summary: Here you will clarify what your organization does, your competitors, and who your customers are. 

Project Summary: Here you will describe the software you are making, why it needs to exist, and more.

Business Impact: Here you will work through how this application will impact your business.

Who Will Use It: Here you will identify your key customer personas and what their biggest challenges are.

Feature Ideas: Here you will work through what features could be in the application and what problems they would solve.

Risky Assumptions: Here you will work through what assumptions you are working with and how those could impact the end product.

Path To Adoption: Here you will think about how you will get people to use your final application.

What Could Stand In Your Way: Here you have the chance to brainstorm the risks and constraints that might get in the way of the final product.

Next Steps: Here you will outline what immediate steps you need to take to move forward.

We hope you find this KeyQ Process as helpful as we do when planning your dream application to take your business to the next level. At Mutually Human, we are dedicated to using human-centered design approaches to make applications that people actually want to use. The KeyQ Software Planner will help ensure you make a product that all humans will want to use.

Get started and download the completely free KeyQ Software Planner right here. 

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