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Do I need a Website or Web App?  

If you have a business, it is likely you have a website. However, is a website enough?  Or do you actually need a web application? Many people will design a new website with lists and lists of features they want it to have—chat, logins, etc.—without realizing that a web (or mobile) application, as opposed to a website stacked with tons of add-ons, is what they’re looking for. Do you need a Website or Web App? 

Is a Website or Web App Right for Me?

Which is option is right for your organization?

If you need to present static content and information to your users like:

Navigating all types of digital such as content, images, video, and audio. 


One-way communication between the brand to the customer.

You need a Website.

If you need to remember things about your users and dynamically serve them content like:

Having functionality for interactive elements.


Two-way communication between customers and the brand.

You need a Web App.

What’s the ROI on This?


Other than the financial gains you can achieve with a software platform, you will get a lot of your time back. Time that you used to spend one-on-one with your customers assessing and fulfilling their needs, time you used to spend manually tracking customer data, and time you used to spend delivering your product. With these weights off of your shoulders, you can now invest time in growing your business. 


Having your product and your content packaged efficiently via a web application also means that you can get more done without having to hire other people to help you necessarily. That labor that would otherwise be done by a human is being performed by an AI with no concept of work-for-pay. (Yet.)


Not only will your web application save you time and money, but it will also make you a more consistent business. You’ll be able to deliver the exact same product to all of your customers without the fluctuation that comes from human error. This will raise your standing with your customers and establish your reputation as a business that delivers high-quality products consistently. 

What’s the Takeaway?

There are many different factors to consider when investigating a web application for your business. The first thing to do is to keep track of your pain points as they come up so you have a record of the things that are hindering your growth or keeping you up at night. When you clock the problems enumerated above as pain points consistently, you should start considering a software application. There’s no catch-all solution for everyone, so be smart, tune into your needs and your customers’ needs, and build out a strategy from there. 

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