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We will get together for a few hours and guide you through a workshop packed full of discussions, brainstorming, and hopefully, excitement. The meeting is designed to help uncover your challenges, define your needs, and outline possible solutions for your organization so you can make decisions that will lead to the business outcomes you desire.

Your free consultation with Mutually Human includes:
  1. Concise overview of working with Mutually Human and the process of creating custom software. What can you expect?  What is your role in the process?
  2. Shared understanding of your project and organization.
  3. Goal assessment: What are your goals? What ROI do you expect the software to deliver? When do you expect these changes to launch?
  4. User assessment: Who will be using the software? What are their pain points? How might we solve them?
  5. Risk assessment: What are the assumptions, risks, and constaints?
  6. Budget assessment: What can be done within your budget and how will your budget be managed?

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Free Software planner

Gain access to the same planning process we use to prepare our clients.