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A simple conversation; a simple consultation.

Whether you’re looking for a brand new custom software solution, want to update and expand your software, or would like to integrate your current systems, we want to help you get started with our free consultation. We realize that trust has to be earned, especially when it comes to your software. We’d like to help you define your challenges and your needs, and then outline some possible solutions for your organization so that you can make a decision you will be happy with.

Your free consultation with Mutually Human includes:

  1. A concise overview of custom software creation, renovation, or integration: What is it, how do we do it, and what is your role in the process?
  2. A strategic evaluation of your organization: What role can software play in your processes going forward?
  3. A needs assessment: What type of project is best for you based on the challenges you face?
  4. A budget assessment: What can be done within your budget and how will your budget be managed?
  5. A goal assessment: What are your goals? What ROI do you expect the software to deliver? When do you expect these changes to launch?

To talk to one of our smart, friendly humans, just fill out the form. We’ll be in touch within 2 business days.

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