We give people more than tools and information; more than apps and responsive design. We give people the power to connect more fully to their lives. We give people super powers.

Why MH?

We are dedicated, disciplined, curious, and excited people who solve hard problems. We use and create technology to make more of the only thing we think matters: humanity. If we're not moving forward, learning more, and bettering people's lives we just don't see the point. It's not about designing to design, or developing to develop (although, let's be honest, we like that too), it's about improving people's lives in a tangible way.

Why Consulting?

When offering yourself and your skills, the possibilities are limitless. Consulting allows us to have a bigger impact in the world by helping more people. One day it's e-commerce and the next it's industrial automation; either way, it's rarely boring. We get hired as industry experts by other industry experts so we're constantly learning from the best. Consulting also lets us sink our teeth into big, meaty, meaningful projects without losing who we are, a smaller company. It lets us indulge our insatiable curiosity while still challenging us to be better.



It feels great to work somewhere that’s welcoming, comfortable, supportive, and pleasing to the eye, so we try to be all those things. We enjoy seeing and interacting with each other, and our large, open office space reflects our desire to stay connected. We also know the creative value of solitude so there are lots of nooks and crannies you can disappear to.

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About Mutually Human

Mutually Human is a custom software design and development consultancy specializing in mobile and web-based products and services. We help our clients design, develop and bring to market innovative products and services based on insightful research and strategy aligned with business objectives. We’ve helped Fortune 500 companies, state governments, and startups.