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Open Positions

Software Developer (Grand Rapids, MI)

We’re looking for an individual eager to learn, who loves a good challenge, and who craves crafting high quality software.

Someone with some experience as a full-stack developer in web or mobile app development; familiar with practices such as TDD and refactoring; familiar with software design principles like SOLID; familiar with common patterns like MVC; comfortable enough with at least one technology stack to build a small application on their own; and has developed their own sense of good/best practices that they’ve found to have helped them.

This position does not require you to be an expert in any of the aforementioned things (if you are then that’s icing on the cake). It does expect a basic working knowledge and a desire to learn more through applying the practices and principles on a daily basis.

A few interesting tidbits about the team you’ll be joining:

  • We employ a human-centered approach to our client work as well as to how we run our business.
  • We are an empathic, supportive team. You will work among thoughtful people who can disagree respectfully.
  • We value the team as well as the individual and strive to find a balance healthy for both. For example, pair programming is a practice we employ and value, but working alone can be equally as important. We encourage project teams to self-organize and find a balance that helps them do their best work.
  • We believe in experience and finding ways that work well, but we are anti-dogmatic in assuming anything is always true.

The position is salary-based, comes with benefits, and is in our Grand Rapids, MI office. Some of of our benefits include a $5k learning & events budget, Investment Fridays, maternity and paternity leave, 4 weeks of PTO, and medical/dental/vision coverage. A prequisite for this position is being authorized to work in the U.S.

If you are interested in our Columbus, OH office or in working remote we do offer that, but we will be looking to fill our Grand Rapids location first.

Why work at Mutually Human?

You’ll have a voice, be a part of small teams where you can make a difference, and join others who put user needs before fancy solutions.

You’ll be empowered to care about what you’re making, who you’re making it for, and how you make it. We believe it’s important to be proud of not only what we do, but how we do it.

You’ll be at a place where your curiosity will be encouraged and supported, where cooperation is greater than competition, and where we believe people are more important than the bottom line.

We are dedicated, curious, and excited people who solve hard problems. We use, design, and create technology to improve people’s lives in a tangible way. If we’re not moving forward, learning more, and bettering people’s lives we just don’t see the point. It’s not about designing to design or developing to develop (although, let’s be honest, we like that too). It’s about improving people’s lives in a tangible way and improving ourselves in the process.

Here are a few other interesting bits about us:

  • 100% coverage of premiums for medical, dental, vision, short-term & long-term disability, and life insurance
  • We work 4 days a week on client work and 1 day on ourselves
  • Market-based compensation in the 75th to 90th percentile
  • We care about and participate in the community
  • $5k annual learning budget
  • And more!

Future Opportunities

At Mutually Human, we love to start conversations with bright, passionate people. If you’re in town – Grand Rapids, Columbus, or Spokane – let’s grab coffee or tea.

If you’re heading to a user group or conference we’d love to meet up! Let us know on Twitter.

And if nothing else drop us a simple hello via email or on Twitter.

Junior Software Developer

We will be looking for a curious individual, early in their career with an avid interest in making software, and making it well. Someone who knows at least two programming languages, has some experience building web or mobile-based applications or services, and who would take the opportunity to learn over the opportunity to be right – any day of the week.

You will learn how to apply the practices and principles of software craftsmanship by creating and shipping software with us. You’ll have access to a cross functional team of developers, designers, product people, and clients. You’ll also have a dedicated mentor to be your catalyst for growth and you’ll be provided one day a week where you’re paid to invest yourself through a personal project that you own.

The position will be salary based and comes with benefits, and will be in our downtown Columbus, OH office.

Senior Software Developer

We will be looking for someone senior to help us not only build great products, but also help anchor and our grow software engineering practice. Someone with experience as a full-stack developer in web or mobile app development; familiar with practices such as TDD and refactoring; capable and willing to lift those around them through technical guidance and leadership; and who has strong opinions that are loosely held.

This position will be salary based, comes with benefits, and is not location restricted.

Software Designer

We will be looking for a curious individual with a passion for making great software. Someone with experience in understanding user needs and building experiences for the web or mobile. We’d love to hear your thoughts on user research and design processes, and see some of the beautiful things you have built.

The position will be salary based, comes with benefits, and is in our Columbus or Grand Rapids offices.